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Dominique is a violence prevention advocate and a dynamic motivational speaker. He shares his journey through domestic violence from being a victim as a child, becoming abusive as an adult to what was necessary for him to not only change his behavior but to change his thinking about abuse.   Dominique speaks about the important difference between a behavior change and a heart/mind change. He highlights his stages of change with his  "Change 4.0 Strategy".   He speaks about a difficult topic with a candidness and sensitivity that promotes thought, understanding and introspection from the audience. Dominique provides listeners with a rare first person view into the mentality of a former abuser. His authenticity about his experience is very powerful and thought provoking. 

Dominique has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and has worked in the social services field for over 20 years. He started working in group homes while in college and has also worked in drug treatment, probation, as an investigative social worker, high school dropout prevention mentor, and more recently as a job coach.  Dominique has dedicated a significant portion of his life toward helping and healing others.  Thankfully he was able to redirect his passion for others into a passion for self-exploration and healing.  

He has spoken at multiple events on the topics of domestic violence, empowerment, self-healing, positivity perseverance and resilience and success. Dominique has been able to take his professional knowledge, personal experience and combine them into a powerful testimony of perseverance, resilience, humility, courage, healing and inspiration.


 2018 Indigenous Stop Domestic Violence Conference, Brisbane, Australia * 2016 San Diego County DV Essentials Training     

 2017 2019 US Marines MCAS Miramar Air Force base * 2015 2016 2107 2018 2019 San Diego County DV Essentials Training

* 2019 US Marines Camp Pendleton * 2016 2017 2018 2019 Community Resource Center 40 Hr DV Training

 * 2018 Southern Indian Health Council DV Training * 2019 Shifting the Lens Conference*2019 Option House 40 HR DV Training *         2021 Keynote Fort Hood Army Base* 2022 Keynote National Juvenile Justice Judicial Conference

*2023 100 Days of Summer Domestic Violence Brief, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

* 2023 Domestic Violence Keynote, Fresno State Football 




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