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As a Life Development Coach, Dominique brings a philosophy of personal connection to each of his clients. He provides a safe, positive non judgmental environment where people can freely express their ideas and concerns. Meeting clients where they are and walking with them through their experiences is the basis for every client interaction.    Dominique brings a high level of compassion, empathy and understanding to each interaction with clients. He is abler to balance his 21 years of direct client service in different Human Services felids with the individuality that each person brings.  This balanced approach has proven effective in assisting clients move forward towards their stated goals and has led to major breakthroughs in their lives.


Dominique is able to work with all age groups, ethnicities or genders and is just as effective no matter the demographic.  The combination of his education, professional experience and personal life experience provides a powerful framework for client success.   Some of the focus areas that Dominique has worked with include;


Relationship Coaching

Break up Coaching

Dealing with rejection


Successful Co-parenting

Fitness Management

Work Life balance

Work relationship management

Parental coaching

Child Coaching

How to relate to your child

Family Coaching

Marriage coaching

How to deal with your Ex

Anger Control

Domestic Violence



Dealing with Death

Seeking Employment

Education Coaching


Career Coaching

Navigating Child Protective Services

Navigating Probation

Discovering and nurturing your gifts

Self Esteem

Developing courage to try new things

How to meet the opposite sex

Self Development

Dealing with your fears

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

How to relate to and understgand others

Living a fulfilled life

Dominque can assist you in managing these and many other issues that you may be dealing with. Remember, this life was not meant to be faced alone.  Please allow me to walk with you through your life challenges.


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