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Terra Marroquin, DV Council Training Division lead

"Dominique has been a valuable speaker at the San Diego DV Council’s “DV Essentials” trainings for professionals in San Diego County.  His presentation gives insight into the dynamics and healing process of a DV offender and gives hope that offenders can break the cycle of abuse.”  

Rachel Leal, MA Director of Advocacy Services/Therapist II

"I attended the Domestic Violence Essentials Training last week in San Diego that you spoke at. The funny thing is I was actually sent to that training by accident because our Executive Director thought it was an advanced training. I was initially a little disappointed because I’ve previously taken the 40 hour DV certification through the State and I now run our own state certification training at our agency for DV, so the info being presented was repetitive of what I have previously learned.


However, my disappointment quickly shifted to excitement and inspiration when you spoke. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much of an impact you made on me that day. Our agency is shifting towards working with offenders and my entire perspective has taken a drastic turn due to my recent experiences working with teen and pre-teen offenders. Honestly though, adult offenders were still a bit of a worrisome issue for me due to my own negative childhood experiences, but the way you genuinely opened up and shared your story really inspired me and completely softened my heart. I wrote down many of the points you made and I am actually very excited to begin utilizing the info learned from you to help the adult offenders who come to our agency in the future."   

Corina Tsinnajinnie, Case Manager, Southern Indian Health Council

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to know Dominique Waltower, and his passion for Domestic Violence Advocacy.  His own personal story of his journey of healing and processing growing up in a violent home. Dominique is honest, dependable and hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive inspirational speaker who is always positive in his views on how men’s social attitude towards women contribute to types of abuses. Dominique’s knowledge of Domestic Violence and expertise in Victim’s Advocacy will be very beneficial to your organization. Please feel free to contact me at should you like to discuss Dominique Waltower’s qualifications and experience further. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation."   

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